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Greetings and salutations! Yes, I'm the Colin who is the Archwizard of HereMOO and I'd be glad to hear your comments, suggestions or even complaints (inconceivable!) -- just email me or with your words. Feel free also to check out my Way Easy Guide to MOO Programming to learn how you too can work the magic of MOO!

When I'm not here or at home in Virginia, I live and study at Cambridge University in England.

I'm afraid I haven't much more to offer on this page at the moment, just a few links and a rather odd poem. Onward, Intrepid Ones!


hot molasses
flows firey, fast and fleshly through my ears
and from my soul...

slide trombone.

with supple, sliding sound of freedom found
with growling tones and rolling, rich resounds
i hear the song, the pitch of life's exuberence
bend round the triple tubing, out its mouth

and swallowed into air, turbulent tepid brew
now quickened by these excitations
which to our logarithmic ears do
not in their true liquidity appear

but do tell something of their flow
a pale shadow, but a weaving waving whip!
of whispers or of shouts and plaintif
cries to life and love or maybe just tequila

and the sound flows on, never mind objections
or musings, musty (Misty?) late or later
you can't resist it, twisting with joy--

A note: "" is a quote from a Greek philosopher and fluid dynamicist. It means "everything flows".

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